Quality System

Based on the requirement of product quality assurance, HYC introduced ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System in 2011, and strictly controlled the whole process according to the quality system management requirements.

  • 01 Supplier Quality Management

    Complete system examination and risk control when admit suppliers Regular on-site inspection and guidance to suppliers a fair and reasonable transaction principle

  • 02 Imcoming Materiasls Inspection And Storage Management

    AQL 0.65 Level II sampling inspection for incoming materials

    Complete implementation of RoHs Environmental Protection Test

    Standard storage classification and environmental control

    Advanced first out management system

    Safe stock management principle

  • 03 Quality Control Of Production Process

    Make a timely treatment of defective products

    Using statistical method to control product bad rate

    Analysis of the first batch of output and quality to identify and evaluate quality trends

    Unscheduled inspection of the production line to achieve continuous improvement and maintain quality

    Using QR code management system to guarantee the traceability of product quality

  • 04 Quality Control of Shipments

    The AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan is used to test the finished product to ensure that the quality of the product meets the specifications.

    Examine the quality of the product according to the production flow chart
    Data preservation for the products produced

  • 05 Product Reliability Test

    Reliability test based on the quality standards of different products and customer requirements

    The inspection process includes insert loss test, return loss test, ferrule end face detection, interchangeability, vibration, tension, high and low temperature cycle.

    The standard format of the internal test report provides

  • 06 Customer Satisfaction

    Response to customer requirements within 8 hours and reply within 24 hours

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