Quality Policy

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  • HYC values quality as the basis and priority of survival. We stick to the concept of "quality manufacturing" all along and adhere to the spirit of craftsman. We strive for excellence, strict on quality and will continuously improve the quality of our product and process.

Rigorous Quality Control System

HYC carries out strict quality control over the whole process of product research and development, verification and testing, material supply, production flow, packaging, marketing and sales, service and maintenance. We truly implement and keep improving the quality management to every employee, every corner, every detail.

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    Supplier Management

    ■ A complete supplier evaluation system;

    ■ Review and on-site inspection of supplier;

    ■ Fair, reasonable and win-win transaction principle.

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    Incoming Inspection and Storage Management

    ■ AQL 0.65(minor defects)/ 0(major defects) Level II sampling test on incoming materials;

    ■ Complete implementation of RoHS;

    ■ Standard storage classification and environmental control;

    ■ FIFO management principle;

    ■ Safe stock policy.

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    Quality Control on Production Process

    ■ Timely handling of defective products;

    ■ Using statistical method on control defective rate;

    ■ Analysis of the first batch for better quality control;

    ■ Unscheduled inspection of the production line;

    ■ Using QR code management system to ensure traceability of product.

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    Quality Control before Shipments

    ■ Adopting AQL 0.65(minor defects)/ 0(major defects)level II sampling method to test finished product;

    ■ Examine the quality according to the production flow chart;

    ■ Data storage for all products.

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    Reliability Test

    ■ Reliability test based on industry standards and customer requirement;

    ■ Test includes but not limited to insert loss test, return loss test, ferrule end face detection, interchangeability, vibration, tension, high and low temperature cycle...

    ■ Standard internal test reports issued.

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    After-sales Service

    ■ Professional technical support services and prompt response to customer demand;

    ■ Solutions to after-sales problems without delay.

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