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HYC Won "Excellent Manufacturing Enterprise” “Excellent Quality Award"


HYC won the title of "Excellent Manufacturing Enterprise" issued by Local Government

On November 29, 2023, at the Qingyuan Municipal Government Development Conference, HYC was awarded the title of "Excellent Manufacturing Enterprise".

HYC won Excellent Manufacturing Enterprise

HYC has more than 20 years' history with manufacturing, and we insist on lean manufacturing, information-based operations and green production. This not only effectively promotes the substantive development of the enterprise itself, but also injects a strong impetus into the upgrading of the entire industrial chain.

HYC won the title of  “Excellent Quality Award” issued by ICC

On December 28, 2023, HYC's ultra-miniature optical fiber array (FA) product won the 2023 Infostone awards list of "Excellent Quality Award". This is a recognition of the winners' product quality, high performance, and stable delivery.

HYC won Excellent Quality Award

Ultrasmall fiber array can be used for some specific applications, especially needed in edge fiber-to-chip coupling. HYC’s ultrasmall FA can be ultra-short with minimum length of 1.5mm, ultra-narrow with minimum width of 1.0mm, ultra-thin with minimum thickness of 0.6mm, or any customized combinations to meet different applications. It is mainly used in chip coupling in the field of silicon photonics, which can effectively reduce the package size of silicon photonics modules.

HYC won the "Best Overseas Promotion" issued by CFOL

The 2023 C&C Marketing Department Carnival event was held at Wuhan city on December 28, 2023. The event is hosted by China Fiber Optics Online Media. HYC won the "Best Oversea Promotion" award in this event.

HYC won Best Overseas Promotion

In recent years, HYC has actively explored new marketing modes in oversea brand promotion, such as building a matrix of online media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook...), participating in oversees optical communication exhibitions, improving the brand's VI visual image. Since 2006, HYC's brand and products have gradually gained a good reputation in the international market.

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