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HYC Releases Totally New 16/32F MPO Connector


In order to meet the overwhelming trend of growing bandwidth, HYC company developed new 16- and 32-fiber connectors for the 400G application. The new connector would not be compatible with currently installed 12-fiber MPO connector, they uses 16 lanes of 25-Gbit/sec transmission, as well as 16 lanes of 25-Gbit/sec reception to achieve 400G for each connection. It’s fully compliant with IEEE's 400-Gbit Ethernet specification 400GBase-SR16, tecordia GR-1435 testing, and ANSI/TIA-604.


HYC’s 32-fiber connector can accommodate 32 fibers, it provides up to 32 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space for other cables.


Each connector has a Push-Pull tab to improve accessibility in high-density data center applications. The Push-Pull tab make it easy to install and remove cables with one hand without the need for additional tools. Learn more about HYC’s 16- and 32-fiber connectors, please click here.

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