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CIOE2020丨HYC is meeting you with new products applied in 5G fronthaul


The annual optoelectronic event CIOE2020 is going to be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on 9th to 11th September. CIOE is a world-renowned large-scale professional optoelectronic fair attracting well-known enterprises of the industry from all over the world. This year, CIOE is holding in BaoAn new EXPO center and HYC will meet you at Booth 6D11 with our new products and technology. Let's explore the new future of photoelectric industry together.


Preview of part of HYC exhibiting products


Products for 5G fronthaul

To meet the application on 5G fronthaul, with its mature experience in producing WDM, HYC has launched series product for 5G fronthaul such as MWDM and LANWDM. HYC can provide a full range of WDM multiplexing solutions including 5G CWDM,DWDM,CCWDM and other products.


Mini LC connector

Mini LC connector is a compact designed with only 17.22mm connector for high density environment. It matches conventional ferrule and LC adapter while easy to plug-in or pull out without using any tools.


Lockable connector series

To some high security networks, how to ensure the stability and security of fiber interconnect is particularly important, especially in some sensitive application environments involving confidential data and information. HYC develops a series of connectors with lock to prevent unauthorized access or changes based on this situation..

HYC sincerely invites you to visit us on CIOE2020. Meanwhile please pay attention to the live streaming activities from HYC.

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