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A letter to HYC's global customers and partners


To our valued customers and partners,

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, HYC has been closely monitoring the situation and taking all positive measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers, partners and employees.

We are the first batch factory in Qingyuan to be allowed to resume work on February 10, following guidelines from the WHO and the national authorities by implementing strict protective steps in the plant, workshops and office area.

We've taken a series of measures to ensure our business continuity such as working closely with suppliers and regularly monitoring the risks of suppliers to ensure a healthy supply of materials; ensuring a safety stock of key spare parts; daily attention to the smooth flow of global freight and so on. We hope to minimize the impact of the pandemic on our customers and partners around the world. At present, our assembly lines, including Data Center rack-mounted enclosure, MPO/LC pre-terminal jumper, PLC, WDM, MEMS optical switch etc. have been restored to normal production capacity to meet customer needs.

As a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of passive optical devices in the industry, HYC remains committed to providing uninterrupted service to global customers during the outbreak. Meanwhile we'd like to do what we can to help our customers and partners.

We are pleased to ​provide you with channel info to purchase CE and FDA compliant face masks, to share experience and tips on prevention of disease. For assistance, please send us an email to

Thank you for your support as always and wish you all the best!


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