Experimental Standard

HYC has built a system of lean production and equipped with precision automated production and testing facilities to ensure efficient and high quality output. HYC is strict with the production and lab environment as being the first 10000 Class Purification Workshop in the industry and owning a professional Lab&Test center. We are committed to providing our customer with safe and reliable products and solutions.

At present, the international reliability standards for the operation of HYC laboratory are as follows:

  • ▪ Telcordia GR-326

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1209

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1435

  • ▪ Telcordia GR-910

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1221

    ▪ Telcordia GR-1073

  • ▪ IEC-61753-1

    ▪ IEC- 61300-2-7

    ▪ IEC-61300-3-16

  • ▪ IEC- 61300-2-6

    ▪ IEC-61300-2-22

    ▪ IEC-61300-3-34

Experimental Project

  • gdw-img.png

    High and low temperature circulation test

    The product is tested under temperature of -40~85℃ (or other temperature) for up to 2000 hours  under different temperature environment.

  • gwgs-img.png

    High temperature and humidity test

    The product is tested at 85℃&85%RH (or other temperature and humidity) for up to 2000 hours  in high temperature and humidity environment.

  • gwgy-img.png

    High temperature and pressure test

    The product is tested at 110℃& 0.15mpa &95%RH for 168 hours in high temperature and high pressure environment test.


  • zxhj-img.png

    Online environment portfolio test

    This test combination on-line monitors the real-time high-low temperature cycle data of products at -40~85℃ (or other temperature).

  • sy-img.png

    Water pressure test

    This tests the reliability of the product under 10MPa or higher water pressure.

  • ggl-img.png

    High power test

    Test whether the product can bear 10W or higher working power.         

  • ywhj-img.png

    Salt spray test

    Test the corrosion resistance of the product under salt spray environmental conditions.

  • bpzd-img.png

    Vibration Test

    Simulate transport conditions to ensure the feasibility of product transportation.

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