Testing Equipment

HYC pay great attention on testing and certification control procedure. To guarantee products reliability and high-level stable performance, HYC not only imported plenty of professional testing equipment, Such as: American Agilent, French Data-pixel, Japan Santec, Japan YOKOGAWA, Canada JGR and other well-known brand testing equipment, But also possess one experienced lab team to practice all testing following the benchmark of Fiber Industry.

  • ▪  Telcordia Professional Mechanical

       Testing Equipment.

    ▪  Telcordia Professional Environment

       Testing Equipment.

  • ▪  World famous polishing and

       processing equipment.

    ▪  World famous polishing and

       processing equipment.

  • ▪  Imported high precision dimension

       Testing Equipment.

    ▪  Regular Calibration.

  • ▪  IL, RL, Interferometer and End-face

       Checking all using the World Famous

       Brand Equipment.

Patch cord testing equipment

  • 6369784625875154002582731.jpg

    Data-pixel DAISI MPO/MTP 3D Interferometer

  • 6369784628867341502674992.jpg

    Data-pixel DAISI Single-core3D interferometer

  • 6369784629995466506994716.jpg

    Data-pixel Koncentrik Concentricity tester

  • 检测设备_10.jpg

    Dimension 3D Interferometer

  • 检测设备_17.jpg

    MPO/MTP Polarity tester

  • 检测设备_18.jpg

    JGR Multichannel IL and RL tester

  • 6369784632670466505889107.jpg

    Dimension Endface Inspector

  • 6369817860386091502479651.jpg

    Data-pixel DAISI D-SCOPE PM Angle tester

  • 检测设备_26.jpg

    AI IL and RL tester

  • 6369784706954841501479949.jpg


WDM testing equipment

  • 检测设备_30.jpg

    Agilent C+L Band tunable laser source

  • 检测设备_29.jpg

    YOKOGAWA 600~1700nm OSA

  • 检测设备_34.jpg

    Santec O-Band tunable laser source

  • 检测设备_33.jpg

    Santec C-Band tunable laser source & Multichannel IL tester

  • 检测设备_38.jpg

    UC C-band tunable laser source

  • 检测设备_37.jpg

    Fujikura 62S Fiber fusion splicer

  • 检测设备_42.jpg

    Agilent IL and RL tester

  • 检测设备_41.jpg


PLC testing equipment

  • 检测设备_46.jpg

    AI Multichannel IL tester

  • 检测设备_45.jpg

    Multichannel RL tester

Raw material testing equipment

  • 6369784692651716501343925.jpg

    Rational-WH Video measuring system

  • 6369784693039216504926757.jpg

    Skyray RoHS tester

  • 检测设备_53.jpg

    Ferrule concentricity tester

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