Passive Optical Network (PON) Solutions

PON Deployment

Passive optical network (PON) is a tree-shaped fiber distribution network utilizing a point-to-multipoint technology, which is especially suitable for wired access network scenarios. A PON system consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) at the central office and several optical network units (ONUs) near end users.

In PON system, since multiple ONUs share the same optical fiber medium to communicate with OLT, it is necessary to solve the medium sharing problem among different ONUs. There are mainly three ways, time division multiplexing/multiple access technology, wavelength division multiplexing technology and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) technology. The PON technologies includes TDM-PON, WDM-PON and OFDM-PON.PON1.jpg

The Cex WDM module is the product of the evolution of PON technology, which realizes coexistence with the existing network and smooth upgrade to next generation. It is constantly changing as the network is upgraded.

1. CEx Module Types

PON2.jpg PON3.jpg

2. Cex specs


3. Cex Package Types


NG-PON2 Architectures

1) NG-PON2 is defined as the latest transmission method.

NG-PON2 provides a greater range of connection speed options than that of GPON and XGS-PON. NG-PON2 provides four 10Gbps wavelengths that can be used individually or combined to offer up to 40Gbps.


An illustration of passbands:

PON7.jpg PON8.jpg

2) An illustration of NG-PON2 Network Architectures:

· NG-PON2 TWDM Network Architectures 

TWDM technology adopts the data rate of the stacking method to meet high-rate network application of a single FTTx user.


· Coexistence of TWDM and PtP

Here is the network architecture of the coexistence of TWDM and PtP WDM. PtP technology is mainly used in private networks deployment (such as base stations, military, etc.).


· PtP WDM Network Architectures

Complete PtP WDM transmission mode for different applications.


3)NG-PON2 DWDM Combination

UPG ports can be used for future network upgrades, for example: 4 -channel of 10Gbps upstream/downstream speed of existing network can be upgraded to 8-channel of 10Gpbs upstream/downstream speed. NG-PON2 will reach the transmission rate of 80G or higher.


4)NG-PON2 DWDM specs


5) NG-PON2 DWDM Package Types


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