HYC launches ultra-small Hybrid devices for EDFA

In order to meet the needs of EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier) applications, HYC has recently launched hybrid series product for the miniaturized EDFA. The product line includes 980/1550nm IWDM Hybrid (Isolator+WDM), GFF (Gain Flattening Filter), IGFF (Isolator + GFF), etc..

Based on the optical simulation design technology and fiber mode field beam expansion technology, the IL of hybrid device can be greatly reduced and its performance stability can be improved. The typical value of reflection IL can be controlled below 0.15dB (-5~+75℃), and the typical value of transmission IL can be controlled at 0.30dB (-5~+75℃). HYC has extensive experience in basic packaging processes and stress models for glue & materials, which greatly contribute to the reliability and robustness of products. All hybrid devices fully meet the reliability requirements of Telcordia GR-1221-CORE, and meet the 168-hour PCT experiment (tested at 120 ° C, 2 atmospheres, 100% humidity).