Salary and Benefits


Salary: Fixed salary (standard salary + post allowance) + variable salary (performance bonus + length of service bonus).

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Statutory Benefits

a) Social Insurance: The company pays all kinds of insurance for the employees, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance.

b) Housing Provident Found: To help the employees alleviate housing pressure, the company will pay Housing Provident Fund for every employee.

c) Statutory Holidays: The company implements statutory holidays, paid annual leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave and work injury leave policy in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the national authority.

Universal Benefits

a) Skill Training: The company provides career planning training to enhance their own value.

b) Activity Fund: The company has set up special activity fund for the daily team building and management.

c) Holiday Gifts: In order to express holidays greetings and solicitude to employees, a special traditional gift as well as birthday gift will be presented to every staff.

d) Recreation Program: The company organizes the employees to travel or outdoor training annually according to the business performance.

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