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FTTH passes more than 62% of EU39 households: FTTH Council Europe


According the newest report of the FTTH Council Europe, FTTH now passes 219 million homes in the EU39 as of last September, up from nearly 198.4 million homes in September 2021.Countries that made significant jumps over the previous 12 months in terms of homes passed include the UK (up 4.2 million year-on-year), France (3.5 million), Turkey (2.9 million), and Italy (2.1 million). On a percentage basis, growth leaders included Belgium (60%), the UK (51%), Serbia (40%), The Netherlands (34.7%), and Greece (34.5%).


Looking ahead, the FTTH/B Forecasts for 2023-2028 foresees approximately 211 million homes will be passed with FTTH/B in 2028 in the EU27 UK and 308 million homes passed in the EU39. IDATE and the FTTH Council Europe believe the top three countries in terms of homes passed will be Germany (33.5 million), France (33.2 million), and the UK (30.7 million).

Meanwhile, the report predicts the number of subscribers will reach 137 million in the EU27 UK and 196 million in the EU39 region, with take-up rates seeing “steady growth” in both regions.

Article source: ICCSZ/Lightwaveonline


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