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LightCounting:The Optical Communications Industry Will First Grow From the Recovery of COVID-19


LightCounting released the latest updated optical communications market forecast report on May 6. The report pointed out that in 2020, the optical communications industry will first recover from the epidemic and develop rapidly. Although, in the first quarter of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 caused the supply chain pressure to elevate to a whole new level, and the revenue of most component vendors was lower than expected.


However, Lightcounting predicts that by the fourth quarter of 2020, optical components and modules will return to full capacity, and the growth rate of optical transceivers is expected to reach 24% by 2021. The Ethernet and DWDM market segments will resume double-digit growth in 2021.Driven by 5G upgrades in China, sales of optics for wireless fronthaul and backhaul will increase by 18% and 92%, and FTTx products and AOCs will grow by double digits in 2020.




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