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Mini ITWDM Optical Isolator+TAP+WDM
ITWDM hybrid combination offers integrated solution to EDFA application by combining the functions of optical isolator, tap coupler, and wdm into a very compact package. It meets Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221.
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Excellent Performance Parameters

Optical Isolator/TAP/WDM Hybrid Combination
Miniaturized Package

ITWDM combines the optical isolator, tap coupler, and wdm wavelength division multiplexing into a compact package.

Hybrid Combination
Epoxy-free Optical Path

ITWDM hybrid adopts Epoxy-free optical path which has better performance.

Optical Isolator/TAP/WDM
Mature Production Technology

Using steel pipe sealing technology, it can work under the harsh environment of -5℃~+75℃ with stable and reliable performance.

Compliance with International Standards

ITWDM conforms to RoHS. It meets Telcordia GR-1209 and GR-1221.

Optical Isolator/TAP/WDM Hybrid Combination
  • GR-1209
  • GR-1221
  • Optical Isolator/TAP/WDM Hybrid Combination

ITWDM is one of the EDFA rear end solution components, integrates the functionality of an optical Isolator,tap and WDM. This product offers integrated solutions to EDFA applications by combining more functions into a very compact package..



Type ParameterSinge StageDual Stage
Operating Wavelength λs (nm)1528~1564 or 1570~1604
Pump Wavelength λp (nm)965-995 or 1465~1495
Pass Channel(dB)IL(1→2),λs≤1.3≤1.4
Pump Channel(dB)IL(4→2), λp≤0.60
PDL(4→2), λp≤0.10
PDL(4→2), λp≥25
Tap ChannelIL(1→3), λs1% Tap Ratio: 19.2~21.0
PMD (ps)≤0.2
Return Loss (dB)≥50
Optical Power Handling (mW)≤500
Fiber TypeG657.B3  or Customized
Operating Temperature (℃)-5~+75
Storage Temperature (℃)-40~+85
Fiber MarkInput Port: Black Output Port: Red Tap Port: Clear Pump Port: Clear
Package Dimensions (mm)Φ3.0X28

Update time:2020-12-08
Update time:2020-12-08

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