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Optical Fiber Flex Circuit
The optical fiber flex circuit is used for interconnection of large quantity optical fibers in backplanes and cross-connected systems. It provides a new and manageable method for cable-to-card or rack-to-rack optical fiber routing, greatly saving space and weight compared with traditional cable bundling. The flex optical circuit contains many optical fibers encapsulated in a thin protective film base. The fibers can be mixed point-to-point or arranged in a logical structure as required by the customer and pre-linked to the customer's specified ports (such as MT,SC, or LC connectors).
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Extremely high fiber count, up to 1000

Any cabling configuration can be provided according to customer specific requirements.

optical fiber flex circuit

High fiber count backplane /card-to-card interconnection

The optical fiber flex circuit can be widely used in applications , including multi-core fiber cross transmission, switch equipment, optical backplane interconnection, card-to-card connection, rack-to-rack connection, wavelength selection switch, and high-density fiber management.

Optical circuit

Customizable package types

Diverse sizes, and fiber routing can be customized.

optical flex circuit

High quality, 100% Tested

The optical flex circuit provided by HYC are 100% tested, which meets product standards and meets customer needs.

  • optical circuit

    IL and return loss tested

  • optical circuit

    MPO / MTP polarity tested

  • connector 3D tested

    Connector 3D tested

  • Ferrule end face inspected

    Ferrule end face inspected

HYC's flex optical circuit has the advantages of stable transmission, high reliability, and customization, and is widely used in card-to-card and rack to rack interconnection.

flex optical circuit
Substrate materialHigh temperature resistant and Environmental protectionbase material
Number of fiber coresCustomized
Working temperatureStable and reliable performance can be guaranteed above 70℃

Update time:2022-11-24
Update time:2022-11-24

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