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LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords
A Uniboot Patch Cord can be used in a high density environment. Comparing to the conventional duplex connector, the design is more compact, as well as just one cable was used, which help to improve the hot air flow in a high density and a crowed environment.HYC did an unique and a patented design to reach in a highest density in the industry.
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High quality, 100% Tested

The LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords provided by HYC are 100% tested, which meets product standards and meets customer needs.

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_03.jpg

    Insertion loss and return loss tested

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_05.jpg

    Connector 3D tested

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_07.jpg

    Ferrule end face inspected

High quality ferrules

LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords selected ceramic ferrule, professional grinding technology, so that the end face of the optical fiber can be precisely connected; Low Insertion Loss≤0.15dB, Stable transmission and efficient connection.


Stable parameter performance

The LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords provided by HYC meets the operating environment of-40~85 °C, More than 1,000 mating durability tests on average, stable performance and reliable quality.

LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_17.jpg

Operating temperature: -40~85℃

Insert-pull test: ≥1000 times

Multiple styles and can be customized

HYC provides a variety of LC uniboot Optic Patch Cordss, and can also be customized.

Fiber typeFerrule typeCable color
Rose red


  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_19.jpg

    SM PC

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_19-02.jpg

    OM1 PC

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_19-03.jpg

    OM3 PC

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_19-05.jpg

    OM4 PC

  • LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords_28-05.jpg

    SM APC

Compliance with international standards

The LC uniboot Optic Patch Cords provided by HYC can meet Telcordia GR 326 or IEC 61300-2; it is compliant with RoHS, IEC61754, IEC 61753-1, IEC61300-3-4 and other standards.


GR 326 or IEC 61300-2 RoHS IEC 61753-1 IEC 61754

Telecom network.jpg

Telecom network

Ethernet network.jpg

Ethernet network

Optical communication equipment.jpg

Optical communication equipment

ItemsSingle modeMulti mode
Insertion Lossstandard IL≤0.3dB;low IL≤0.15dBstandard IL≤0.3dB;low IL≤0.10dB
Return Loss≥55dB(UPC);≥65dB(APC)≥30dB
Ceramic ferrule spec125.5um concentricity deviations:<1um127um concentricity deviations:<3um
Insert-pull test500 times <0.3dB
Operation temperature-40℃~+85℃
Suitable fiberPC/APC(9/125um)PC(50/125um,62.5/125um)
Update time:2021-10-11
Update time:2021-10-11

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