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4U HD Fiber Enclosure Loaded with Cassettes
HYC 4U Rack Mount HD Fiber Enclosure supports maximum 576 fibers. It is mainly installed in server cabinet with capability of housing 24pcs high-density easy-plug MTP / MPO to LC fiber modules or cassettes developed by HYC. This solution contributes to greater network availability that especially ideal for connection and cable management of Data Center MDA, IDA, HDA and other optical fiber backbones. It can be pre-terminated with MPO/MTP switching modules or MPO/MTP adapter front panels to achieve interconnect and cross-connect of backbone cables and active devices.
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19“Rack Mount to be Convenient and Flexible

The 1U high-density fiber enclosure loaded with cassettes of HYC is completely set in accordance with EIA standards, which is applicable to 

all cabinets conforming to the said standards.

4U fiber optic enclosure

Layered and Shiftable Drawers with Rivet Buckle Lockable Design

The drawers are stacking installed while each layer can be pushed in or pulled out independently, which also help separate cables to 

avoid twining. There is independent locking buckle equipped on each module to avoid sliding.

4u fiber patch panel

each layer can be pushed in
or pulled out independently
There is independent locking buckle
equipped on each module

Clear ID and Easy to Locate

HYC’s self-developed HD fiber enclosure with cassettes is all marked with clear ID corresponding to ports on the panels or cassettes 

for easily locating. The color panel in front of the enclosure is to clearly note important information.

Fiber optic enclosure

The color panel

High-density Fiber System.png

High-density Fiber System

SAN System.png

SAN System

Data Center.png

Data Center

Size 485*470*176mm
Weight(with cassette) 11.5 kg
Capacity LC 576 cores/SC 288 cores
Operation Temperature -25℃~+70℃
Patch Cord Type MPO/MTP-LC/SC Patch cord
Update time:2019-04-29
Update time:2019-04-29

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