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Fiber Array
HYC self-produced fiber array provides a variety of options, such as the channel number of fiber array, core spacing and grinding angle. It is widely used in planar optical waveguide (PLC), arrayed waveguide grating (AWG), Active array optical devices in different fields such as MEMS and so on ; the main material of HYC's high-quality fiber arrays is quartz glass with a small expansion coefficient and a unique production process, so that its products maintain high-quality working conditions in harsh environments.
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Selection of High Quality Raw Materials

The V-groove material used by HYC's self-produced FA is quartz glass with a small expansion coefficient, and the distance tolerance accuracy between the V-groove and the groove is attain reach up to ±0.5um. The fiber used by FA is a color ribbon fiber with good performance. Anti-bending performance, colorful colors are convenient to distinguish the channels;


The Grinding Angle Can Be Customized

HYC self-produced fiber array (Fiber array) can provide a variety of options, the number of channels, core spacing and grinding angle can be customized.

FA_11.jpg FAfa_12.jpg

High Quality Parameter Indicators

HYC has a professional FA production process, and the finished product has low insertion loss, high return loss, extremely high temperature resistance and high reliability.

FA_15.jpg Return loss: ≥55dB
Insertion loss: ≤0.15dB
Operating temperature: -40~+85℃

Compliance with International Standards

HYC self-produced fiber array (FA) is RoHS compliant and meets Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE standards.

FA_19.jpg FA_22.jpg

High-speed FA Subassembly

High-speed FA subassembly include: MPO/MT-FA , PM-FA , AWG-FA-Receptacle, and MFD FA etc..













Number of channelsCH2、4、8、16、32、48、64 Number of channels
Fiber spacingum2CH 、4CH、8CH:250±0.5,8CH、16CH、32CH、48CH、64CH:127±0.5
Insertion lossdB≤0.15
Return lossdB≥55
Grinding angle°0、8、42.5、45
Angle control±0.3
Operating temperature-40℃~+85
Fiber typeCorning G657A2  or customer specify
ChannelFiber typeA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)L(m)Fiber colorNote
2CH(250um)2 single core bare fibers10±0.22.5±0.052.5±0.051.5 or 2.5clearcustomer specify
4CH(250um)1 four core fiber10±0.22.5±0.052.5±0.051.5 or 2.5Blue, orange, green, brown
8CH(127um)2 four cores with fiber10±0.22.5±0.052.5±0.051.5 or 2.5Blue, orange, green, brown x2
8CH(250um)1 eight-core fiber10±0.23.0±0.052.5±0.051.5 or 2.5Blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black
16CH(127um)2 eight cores with fiber12±0.23.5±0.052.5±0.051.5 or 2.5Blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black x2
32CH(127um)4 eight cores with fiber12±0.25.7±0.052.5±0.051.5 or 2.5Blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black x4
64CH(127um)8 eight cores with fiber12±0.29.8±0.12.5±0.051.5 or 2.5Blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black x8
Update time:2021-10-15
Update time:2021-10-15

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