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12CH MWDM Plug-in Module
MWDM plug-in module is based on TFF(thin film filter) wavelength division multiplexing technology which has a variety of options of wavelength and link structure. It MUXes optical signals of different wavelengths to a single optical fiber, or DEMUXes the signals in the optical fiber into signals to different wavelengths at the receiving end. It is one of the practical application for 5G fronthaul.
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Excellent Performance Parameters (WDM systems with low loss and high isolation)

  Low Insertion Loss
Low Insertion Loss

Lower insertion loss makes MWDM Plug-in Modules have lower signal attenuation in operation, thus reducing the power requirement of signal transmitter.

High Isolation
High Isolation

The higher isolation value enables sufficient signal isolation during multi-signal transmission in the MWDM Plug-in Module, effectively preventing crosstalk between signals and causing distortion of the transmission signal.

 Mature Production Process
Mature Production Process

The MWDM Plug-in Module of HYC has mature production process, stable and reliable performance, supports to work under the temperature ranging between - 40 to 85 ℃, and ensures the stable transmission of signals.

Low dispersion cost, Long transmission distance and Low cost

The MWDM plug-in module shifts 3.5nm to the left or right on the basic of the wavelength of the first 6 channels of CWDM to extend to 12 channels with a minimum channel interval of 7nm, which can increase the band utilization and double the rate. It saves more than 50% of the fiber resources and greatly reduce the comprehensive cost of 5G construction.


A Variety of Networking Methods

HYC's MWDM plug-in module has a variety of different networking modes, which can multiplexing optical signals of different wavelengths to a single fiber for transmission.


Option 1Advantage: it has an alternate circuit, which can be easily switched when the main circuit fails.


Option 2Advantage: low loss

Comply with International Standards

This product conforms to RoHS and meets the standards of GR-1221 and YD-T 1327-2004.

  • GR-1221
  • YD-T 1327-2004
  • rohs@3x.png

12CH MWDM Plug-in Module MUXes optical signals of different wavelengths to a single optical fiber, or DEMUXes the signals in the optical fiber into signals to different wavelengths at the receiving end.It occupies an important position in MAN access layer and is widely used in Telecom network, Ethernet network, Date center and other fields.

 Telecom network.jpg

Telecom network

 Ethernet network.jpg

Ethernet network


Date center

ItemUnit12CH  Plug-in Module
OperationWavelength nm1260~1400
Center wavelength(λc) nm1267.5 / 1274.5 / 1287.5 / 1294.5 / 1307.5 / 1314.5 / 1327.5  / 1334.5 / 1347.5 / 1354.5 / 1367.5 / 1374.5
Passband wavelengthnm±2.5
insertion lossdB≤3.0
Pass Band RippledB≤0.5
Adjacent IsolationdB≥25
Non-Adjacent IsolationdB≥35
Return LossdB≥45
Package DimensionmmL130xW100xH25
Operating Temperature-40~85
Connector type/LC/PC
Update time:2020-11-06
Update time:2020-11-06

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