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HDMI Hybrid Active Optical Cable
Compared with the copper cable, optical fiber HDMI cable is more flexible and slimmer than copper materials. HYC can provide standard 2.1, 2.0 version HDMI hybrid copper-fiber cable, and the transmission distance can be up to 300 meters (984ft).
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Hybrid copper-fiber cable

The hybrid active optical cable features both copper and fiber conductors, providing a lighter, more flexible cable construction, which makes it ideal for installation in narrow spaces and over longer distances.

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Long distance transmission, over 300 meters

The Hybrid AOC Cable provides low susceptibility to EMI and RFI

that is important for long distance signal transmission.

Version 2.1 HDMI AOC can perfectly transmit 8K UHD image

up to more than 300 meters.

Extender devices need to be installed in copper wire transmissions for longer distances(To get 60m transmission distance).Extender equipment requires local power, which adds additional expense and makes maintenance more cumbersome.

The transmission distance of Hybrid copper-fiber cables is up to more than 100m. No external power required. The transmission distance of Pure active optical cable is up to more than 300m. A USB interface power supply need to be installed on the device.

Wide compatibility with DVI/HDMI interface device

HYC's 4K/8K cable strictly follows the cable manufacturing and testing process to ensure product quality. Each Hybrid AOC is rigorously tested for compatibility and HDMI standards.

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The hybrid active optical cable is the recommended installation cable for professional AV applications, digital signage, home theater, and wherever high-resolution audio and video are required.

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Update time:2022-02-21
Update time:2022-02-21

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