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LC Fixed Attenuator, Male-Female
Optical fiber attenuator is a kind of optical passive device. It is used for optical power performance, optical fiber instrument debugging and correction in optical communication systems, attenuates the input optical fiber signal power, and prevents distortion of the optical receiver due to excessive input optical power. The product is manufactured by using attenuating fiber doped with metal ions, which can adjust the optical power to the required level; LC fixed attenuators provided by HYC have the advantages of easy installation, good interchangeability, high and low temperature resistance, etc. Used in telecom networks, CATV, data centers and other fields.
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Standard size, Easy installation

LC fixed attenuator adopts male-female structure, standard size, convenient and fast connection.


Male:Quick docking with adaptersFemale:Quick docking with connectors

Selected ceramic ferrules and sleeves

High-precision ceramic ferrules and sleeves are used to achieve high-precision alignment of connectors to ensure long-term stable mechanical and optical performance.

LC Fixed Attenuator_07.jpg

Stable parameter performance

The fixed attenuator provided by HYC meets the working environment of -40~70 °C, with an average of more than 500~1000 insertion and removal tests, with stable performance and reliable quality.

SC Fixed Attenuator_09.jpg

Operating temperature: -40~70℃

Insert-pull test: 500-1000 times

Available in a variety of styles

LC fixed attenuator are available in a variety of styles.

Attenuation value

LC Fixed Attenuator_14.jpg

1~25dB Available

Ferrule Type

6371208951944238939109649 (1).png


LC Fixed Attenuator_18.jpg


Compliance with international standards

The LC fixed attenuator provided by HYC can meet Telcordia GR 326 or IEC 61300-2; it is compliant with GR-910, IEC 61754-20, RoHS, UL 94-V0 and other standards.

LC Fixed Attenuator_24.jpg

GR 326 or IEC 61300-2 FWDM-LGX_25.jpgIEC 61754-20 GR 910

LC fixed attenuator has the advantages of easy installation, good interchangeability, high and low temperature resistance, etc. It is one of the indispensable connecting devices in optical networks, and is widely used in telecommunications networks, CATV, data centers and other fields.

Telecom network.jpg

Telecom network

Data center.jpg

Data center



ItemUnitLC Fixed Attenuator
Fiber type/SM
Operating wavelengthnm1310 & 1550
Ferrule type/PCAPC
Return lossdB≥40≥55
Working powermW≤500
Attenuation tolerancedB1~9dB:±0.5     ≥10dB:±10%
Operating temperature-40~+70
Update time:2021-10-12
Update time:2021-10-12

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