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PM optical fiber connector
With the increasing application in the fields of aerospace, unpiloted, industrial manufacturing and communication, the application of the Polarization-Maintaining PM patch cord as a representative special product will usher in a larger market demand. In order to cope with the market development, HYC independently designed and developed a new type of PM connector with 360° ferrule adjustable, the PM angle can be controlled at ±1°, leading above the industry level. It also features high precision, low loss, and ultra-high extinction ratio, and is widely used in instruments or scenes that are sensitive to polarization.
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360° Ferrule adjustable

The PM connector developed by HYC has a 360° ferrule adjustable, the PM angle can be controlled at ±1°, and is protected by patents.

pm connector & traditional conector.jpg

High quality ferrules

Selected ceramic ferrule, professional grinding technology, precise docking of fiber end face; lower insertion loss ≤0.15dB, making transmission more stable and connection more efficient.

pm connector_06.jpg

Stable parameter performance

The PM connector provided by HYC meets the working environment of -40~85 °C, with an average of more than 500~1000 insertion and removal tests, with stable performance and reliable quality.
PM connector_09.jpg

Operating temperature: -40~85℃

Insert-pull test 500-1000 times

Multiple styles available

PM optical fiber connectors are available in a variety of types.

Long BootShort BootBendable BootLong BootShort BootBendable Boot
PM connector_24.jpg

SC 0.9mm APC

LC 2.0 PC.jpg

LC 2.0mm PC

LC 0.9 PC.jpg

LC 0.9mm PC

PM connector_30.jpg

FC 0.9mm APC

PM connector_32.jpg

FC 2.0mm PC

Compliance with international standards

The PM Optical fiber connector provided by HYC can meet Telcordia GR 326 and IEC 61300-2; It is compliant with RoHS, IEC 61754-4, IEC 61754-13, IIEC 61754-20 and other standards.

PM connector_41.jpg
PM connector_28.jpg

GR 326 and IEC 61300-2 IEC 61754-20 IEC 61754-4 IEC 61754-13

PM optical fiber connectors have the advantages of high precision, low loss, and ultra-high extinction ratio. They are the most important products for instruments or scenes with sensitive polarization states. They are widely used in aerospace, unpiloted, Optical fiber sensing and other fields.






Optical fiber sensing

ItemPM Optical Fiber Connector
Connector typeLC、FC、SC
Suitable fiberCladding 125um
Ceramic ferrule spec125.0~125.5um
Ceramic ferrule concentricity≤1.0um≤0.5um≤0.3um
Insertion loss≤0.30dB≤0.20dB≤0.15dB
Return loss≥50dB(UPC) 、  ≥60dB(APC)
Insert-pull test>500 times,<0.3dB
Operating temperature-40℃~+85℃
Update time:2021-10-12
Update time:2021-10-12

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