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LC one piece integrated Adapter
It's a real one-piece integrated structure design. Comparing to the conventional ultrasonic welded or two-parts pressed structure, this one is more stronger. Due to the one-piece body, it can avoid breaking during the ultilization; Also, a self-adjusting stable spring was matched. As well as a regular spring for more choice.
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Premium One Piece Design

The one piece integrated structure design prevents breaking of the adapter during the ultilization.

LC one piece integrated Adapter_03.jpg

Selected ceramic sleeve

High-precision ceramic sleeves are selected to achieve high-precision alignment of the connectors to ensure long-term stable mechanical and optical performance.

LC one piece integrated Adapter_06.jpg

Stable parameter performance

The optical fiber adapter provided by HYC meets the working environment of -40~85 °C, with an average of more than 500~1000 insertion and removal tests, with stable performance and reliable quality.

LC one piece integrated Adapter_09.jpg

Operating temperature: -40~85℃

Insert-pull test: 500-1000 times

Multiple styles available

LC one piece integrated Adapter are available in a variety of options.

LC one piece integrated Adapter_16.jpgDuplexLC one piece integrated Adapter_13.jpgMetal(Normal)Green
LC one piece integrated Adapter_21.jpgQuadLC one piece integrated Adapter_20.jpgMetal(Stable)Aqua

Compliance with international standards

LC one piece integrated Adapter provided by HYC can meet Telcordia GR 326 and IEC 61300-2; it is compliant with RoHS, IEC 61754-20, UL 94-V0 and other standards.

LC one piece integrated Adapter_24.jpg

GR 326 and IEC 61300-2 RoHS IEC 61754-20 UL 94-V0

Telecom network.jpg

Telecom network

Ethernet network.jpg

Ethernet network

Optical communication equipmen.jpg

Optical communication equipment

ItemsInsertion LossRepeatabilityOperating Temperature
SM/APC ≤0.2dB<0.2dB(500times)-40℃~+85℃
Update time:2022-04-21
Update time:2022-04-21

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